It matters who stands at this podium.

The Ogle County Democratic Party
is committed to preserving
our American democracy.

It matters how we treat our neighbors.

The Ogle County Democratic Party
is working to preserve
and strengthen our community.

It matters what we teach our children.

The Ogle County Democratic Party
knows that our future is unlimited
if we can teach our children
that greatness is within them.


We are your neighbors.
Christine Ballard, Chair
Ogle County Democrats are your family, friends and neighbors. We support programs that lift people up, heal our planet, promote Democracy, and believe that all persons are created equal. We invite you to look through our website, join our mailing list and make the decision to get involved.

Ogle County is a great place to live!

Discover what makes us unique.
The Democratic Party of Ogle County is an integral part of our community. Our members believe it's important to support our farmers and local businesses.


Food Pantry